I am Shiela Gomez, a life-long professional hair stylist located in South Florida.


I strive to always act ethically when it comes to guests' hair. This is why I struck out on my own as a hair stylist. I couldn't fathom trading the integrity of your hair for a few extra dollars; it's simply not worth it.

I started my professional journey when I was 17 in my home country of Philippines, a relatively small Asian nation in the Western Pacific Ocean. I was classically-trained and mastered my skills for six years, becoming a celebrity stylist there, and then moved to the United States. Two years later I opened a salon of my own in Weston, Florida. For seven years I operated aztig urban salon, striving and achieving my goal to earn a place as the then top-rated hair salon in Weston. Finally, I am a Deva Advanced Stylist and Balayage expert.



Think about the last time you received a compliment. Compliments are nice and receiving them are even nicer. Even if you felt it was undeserved, it still feels good. There is no more shame in seeking compliments on your looks than for your professional and personal achievements. Your hair cut, hair color, eyebrows, makeup, or beard say a lot about who you are without you even having to speak. Every day is a chance to change your message.



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